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Do you have a Azure Dynamics AC24 motor and you are in need of a replacement controller? We have a solution!

Updated: 11-20-13

To get information, please click on "Details" tab below.

Diagnostic and Troubleshooting documentation.

To attain this information, please click on "Details" tab below.

We have converted yet another vehicle. We took a 2000 Chevy Corvette and made it an electric vehicle.

Please click on "Details" tab below for more information.

144 Volt Automobile Systems

The Scion pictured has the first prototype!

To get information, please click on "Details" tab below.

Mining Vehicle Systems

Specialty motors designed and built for your specific applications!

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96 Volt Automotive Systems

This is one of many system available for auto conversions!

To get information, please click on "Details" tab below.

Motorcycle Systems

What a rush!!

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Golf Car Systems

The "original", and still the best AC drive system available for your golf car!

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Utility Vehicle Systems

We have a drive system to fulfill your utility vehicle requirements!

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AC-31 kit, motor and controller information. Updated 3-8-14

Named AC-45 and AC-46 as well!!!

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AC-31 Motor

We understand that an OEM has sold its inventory of this motor and related controllers.

We can help get these motors and controllers updated.

To get information, please click on "Details" tab below.

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Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems
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Links to our main drive system page

The Drive Systems

To find out what our drive systems can do for your project, Click Here to discover what we have to offer.

Power Graphs Link

The power graphs can be accessed by clicking on the above link.

Schematics, Instructions and Troubleshooting

To assist you, our customers, we have compiled all the documentation needed to wire, program and troubleshoot. The wiring diagrams include documentation for on-road vehicles, golf cars and hydraulic pump applications. Click on the link above to to open the new page.

What's New

We have included a variation of the AC-20 motor called AC-23! The motor is wound to produce higher torgue compared to the AC-20 motor! Please check AC-2X motor page for more information!
AC 2x Family of Motors

Current News


We are excited to return to Cape Girardeau August 12-17, 2014 for EVCCON 2014! We hope to see you there too!

Recent Events

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Who is Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems

Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems (HPEVS) designs, develops and manufactures 3-phase AC induction drive systems for an array of vehicles and industries. These systems have been integrated into full-sized vehicles, neighborhood electric vehicles, golf carts, motorcycles, industrial/utility vehicles and even amusement park attractions. These systems are designed to achieve maximum distance, power and efficiency.

New to Building Your Own Electric Vehicle?

If you are new to the EV world and need a great reference guide, HPEVS suggests purchasing Eric Kriss's comprehensive how-to printed guide on converting a vehicle to electric. The book is based on the conversion that took place in 2012 of a 1969 Saab Sonett, but the information can be translated to any vehicle.

Kriss sonett

The book covers all the new technologies, including HPEVS motors, lithium battery packs and digital instrumentation. The book also includes an extensive appendix and complete wiring diagrams.

Our Premium On-Road Dealers

ev west


ev west

Our Premium Golf Car Dealers

ecd golf car catalog



We Proudly Use Curtis Controllers
With All Our Motor Packages.

curtis controller

Below Are a Few of Our Customers

Come take a test drive!

We would like to invite you to come take a test drive of one of our vehicles that has one of our systems installed. We have the Porsche, the Scion and the Jetta. These vehicles are our test vehicles when we are developing a system, so keep in mind that a specific vehicle may not be available due to ongoing developmental work, but rest assured that we will have a vehicle ready for you to test drive.

Our goal is for you to get that "butt in the seat" feel and get a taste of how our systems perform. We are confident that you will like the feeling.

If you are in the Southern California area, or are planning to be in the area and would like to take one of our vehicles for a test drive, contact us and we can plan a day for you to visit! Please call us or use the e-mail link below to arrange a time.

Phone: 909-923-1973

Email: Reserve a ride

We look forward to hearing from you!!

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