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We Are Now Offering An AC Motor Controller Upgrade For The E-Z-GO RXV Golf Cars.
Our "Original" AC Drive System For Golf Cars Just Got A Whole Lot Better With The Introduction of an Automatic Parking Brake!!

HPEVS Golf Car Drive Systems

The "ORIGINAL", and still the best AC drive system available for your golf car!

Now Our Golf Car Drive Systems Come With
a 5 Year Warranty!!
We have Designed and Developed A Lithium-Ion Battery Kit For Golf Cars That Is Completely Integrated With The HPEVS Golf Car AC Drive Systems

Mining Vehicle Systems

Specialty motors designed and built for your specific applications!

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Utility Vehicle Systems

We have a drive system to fulfill your utility vehicle requirements!

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Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Documentation.

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We have added to our website dimensional drawings of the Curtis Instruments controllers.

These drawings can be helpful during the design phase of a project.

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Hosts Mike Brewer and Edd China From The TV Show Wheeler Dealers Teamed Up with EV West to Install a HPEVS Drive System Into a 1985 Maserati Bi Turbo

It is Amazing To Us To See What Can Be Done With Our Drive Systems! Here Is Yet Another Example!

The Folks at EV West Have Created a Vehicle with One of Our Drive Systems!

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Innovation in Motion, Powered by Electricity
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HPEVS Drive Systems

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Schematics, Instructions and Troubleshooting

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About Us

Our Beginning:

It is a little-known fact that our company was initially started by Howard Seymour, father of Brian and Darren Seymour, in 1962. Seymour Electric Motor Service was located in La Habra, California and was an established business there for 35 years. Howard Seymour, with the help of his wife, Marlene, and his three sons built a company servicing pool motors, overhead crane motors, CNC machine motors, and in-flight fuel pump motors, among other electric motors.

Upon Howard Seymour's passing in 2002, the company was relocated to Ontario, California where his two youngest sons, Darren and Brian, sought to continue his legacy while still expanding their familiarity in the ever-evolving market of electric motor systems. Brian was the innovative one, while Darren was his technical partner. In 2001 the company changed its name to Hi Performance Golf Cars, and Brian had fun building custom golf cars. Our flashiest golf cars ranged in price from $8,000 to $14,000 and included custom paint jobs, stereo systems, canopies, undercarriage neon lights, spinning rims, and other small, unique details.

With the downturn in the economy, the market for expensive yet awesome golf cars was dwindling. In response, the company needed to reinvent itself, and by doing so the company changed its name from Hi Performance Golf Cars to Hi Performance Electric Vehicle Systems. While the name is a mouthful, it does cover what exactly we do, instead of limiting us to golf cars only.

The Growing Years:

In 2008, Brian Seymour acquired a limited-edition candy apple red 2008 Volkswagen Jetta and began converting it from gas to electric (pictures are located in the photo gallery).

While hybrids were (and still are) gaining popularity, the unforeseeable trials and tribulations regarding the gas industry solicits a need for electric vehicle research and development. However, crowding streets with new cars sporting an all-electric credential seems far off and with a down economy, the average person wishing to either "go green" or "keep going green" has limited options. One can either wait and buy a brand new, full-electric car when the major car manufacturers develop, test and finally release it for at full sticker price or still drive their gas-guzzling, pollution-producing vehicle.

However, with his breakthrough conversion, Brian Seymour gave the public another option; the chance to convert their current car into a fully electric vehicle.

Since then, Brian has successfully converted a 1983 Porsche 911 in 2010 and a 2008 Scion XB in 2012.

Our Mission Statement

It is our goal to provide excellent service and support to our customers by only employing the best materials possible to create the most outstanding product in the market today. We strive to keep our customers’ loyalty closest to our hearts and their goals fresh in our minds. We are a family company and we hope to keep everyone on the safe track for a greener future.

Team Bio:

personel bio pic(Brian Seymour: President, Head of Research and Development): Brian has had extensive training in the electric motor field. Upon the passing of his father the original company, Seymour Electric Motor Service, was re-vamped to cater to a broader consumer demographic. Brian and his brother, Darren Seymour, looked to establish themselves as the "best kept secret" in high performance electric motor systems. As of now, Brian works to develop a universal way in which clean, green electricity can be used in everyday life.

personel bio pic(Toni Seymour: Human Resources Head Administrator, Accounts Payable & Receivable Manager): There are many ways to describe her work within the business--public relations, receptionist, paper wrangler, "Boss Lady". One thing does hold true, she does a lot! As the wife to the president of the company, her job is cut out to be one of the most stressful as the bulk of her work deals with the business itself. Starting in 1997, all she lived for was for her husband's business.

personel bio pic(Rachel Askeland: Human Resources Coordinator, Accounts Payable & Receivable Assistant): Daughter to Brian and Toni, Rachel recently graduated from the University of Redlands, receiving her Bachelor of Arts in English Literature in English Literature. She has been a part of the HPEVS family for the last 5 years, and helps her mother, Toni with payroll, answering phones, billing and other office work.

personel bio pic(Bill Ritchie: Sales Manager, Head of Customer Service & Tech Support): Bill has been a vital component in the machine that is HPEVS for the past 11 years. Starting in 2001, Bill is referred to as Brian's "Right Arm" as he diligently answers customers calls, articulately provides information on our custom kits, and is our main guy to help with technical support for our customers and dealers, and that is only a small piece of the puzzle that is his vocation. Bill's job description may cover quite a bit as he also handles our shipping department, monitoring our customers' orders until our freight carriers take over, so our customers have a piece of mind knowing where their order is and who is handling it. In a sense, Bill keeps the place running while Brian develops the next best thing in electric vehicle drive systems.

Mike Diaz bio pic(Mike Diaz: Motor Winding Department Supervisor): Mike began working for HPEVS the summer of 2004, when his full time job as a school bus driver takes a summer hiatus. in 2006, after 17 years as a bus driver, he became a permanent fixture in the HPEVS shop. He started hand winding motors alongside Brian, Darren and Toni and is proud to be part of a company that believes in American made products. Due to his steadfast loyalty to the company, he has been promoted to supervisor of the winding department; overseeing the production process from individual coils of copper wire to the finished product of a tightly-wound, heavy duty, powerful electric motors.

personel bio pic(Sean Franklin: Marketing Supervisor): Sean brings to HPEVS a 20 year history of Research and Development knowledge as well as engineering skills. He is supervising the marketing department plus he will be administering our website and social media.

In Memoriam

personel bio pic(Darren Seymour: Engineering): Darren has also had extensive training in the field of engineering as he was trained in machining work by his father. His passion was his work as he would spend copious amounts of time in the machine shop, looking to improve what he felt needed to be improved, or bringing his brother Brian's brainstorm to fruition. Darren passed away in January 2011, but his legacy lives on as the machining and engineering departments of the company continue to produce parts that he has designed and helped cultivate. He is sorely missed!!!

personel bio pic(Dharma: Shop Dog & Mascot): Rescued in 2008, Dharma is the proud pet of Brian and Toni Seymour, and is Toni's shadow as she walks though our two buildings. If you walk into our Administration building, chances are her bear-like silhouette will be the first sight to greet you. Don't be shy--she's the gentlest giant you will ever meet.

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