HPEVS Lithium Battery DC-DC Schematic

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HPEVS Lithium Battery Golf Car DC-DC Schematic

We have found that a DC-DC (Voltage Reducer) that is installed on a golf car can draw down power from our lithium battery pack. Even with the golf car turned off, we have found that the DC-DC does not fully shut off and can draw up power from the battery. Over time, if the car is not plugged in for charging when not in use, the DC-DC can completely kill a battery.

To circumvent this issue, we have installed a contactor on our lithium battery packs that helps protect the battery. If a DC-DC (Voltage Reducer) is installed on the car for which our lithium battery packs is being installed, the 48 volt input wire needs to be connected to this contactor. In doing so, the DC-DC is totally isolated from our battery pack and will not draw battery power.

If a golf car that has one of our lithium battery units installed is depleted of power, and it is discovered that the vehicle has a DC-DC unit installed without the 48 volt input wire connected to the onboard contactor on the battery, the battery warranty can be voided.

Below is a link to the schematic that shows where to connect the 48 volt input wire from the DC-DC.

(Voltage Reducer Schematic)

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