EZGO RXV Golf Car AC Motor Controller Upgrade Kit

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We Are Now Offering An AC Motor Controller Upgrade For The E-Z-GO RXV Golf Cars.
Our "Original" AC Drive System For Golf Cars Just Got A Whole Lot Better With The Introduction of an Automatic Parking Brake!!

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The "ORIGINAL", and still the best AC drive system available for your golf car!

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We have Designed and Developed A Lithium-Ion Battery Kit For Golf Cars That Is Completely Integrated With The HPEVS Golf Car AC Drive Systems

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EZGO RXV AC Motor Controller Upgrade Kit

Introducing: More Power For the E-Z-GO RXV!

Here at HPEVS, where we always look for ways to improve how golf cars perform! And we have done it again! We have developed an AC motor controller upgrade kit using a 450 amp Curtis Instruments AC motor controller (1234E-5421) to increase the performance of the EZGO RXV golf car. This kit wakes up the EZGO RXV allowing the vehicle to be much more responsive, quicker, and lot more fun to drive.

Included in this kit is the new Curtis Instruments AC motor controller, a controller mounting plate, a Curtis Instruments 3140 LCD digital display, a resistor regen controller, and all of the other associated items needed to add performance to the E-Z-GO RXV golf car.

Since the performance has been upgraded substantially, it is highly reccommended that front brakes be installed on the vehicle in conjunction with this upgrade kit.

ezgo rxv motor controller upgrade


Stock E-Z-GO RXV AC Motor Controller Upgrade
Installation Instructions

AC Motor Controller Upgrade
with HPEVS Lithium Battery
Installation Instructions

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